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  • Connecting, bringing together and organizing its members on the issues of economics in the agro-complex and all areas of its activity; for successful development and increasing the effectiveness in the agricultural economics science, practice and education;

  • Cooperation with governmental and other institutions for solving problems in the area of agricultural economics;

  • Protecting the common professional, scientific and social interests of members.


To accomplish its goals and objectives, AAEM:

  • Cooperates with government bodies, business enterprises and companies, cooperatives, farms and family holdings, representatives from the public sector and non-governmental organizations in the country and its surroundings;

  • Initiates legal initiative from the agro-complex;

  • Protects the common, scientific and social interests of agricultural economists;

  • Discusses current problems in agricultural economics science;

  • Works on spreading democracy, pluralism, scientific criticism and collegial ethics among agricultural economists;

  • Keeps and popularizes the history of this profession;

  • Collaborates with universities for raising the level of university education, etc.

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