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Conservation of Biodiversity in Mountain Grazing Areas of Shara

Partner with: Milieukontakt Macedonia (MKM) and Public Enterprise on Pastures (PEP)

Financed by: UNDP CO

Short description: The projects aims to renew the biodiversity of the pastures at the Sharr Mountain and to generate new employments and opportunities. The project’s objectives are: 1) Strengthening the capacities for sustainable management of the pastures, 2) Demonstration of effects from the conservation of the biodiversity of the pastures with implementation of sustainable practices, 3) establishing markets for local products and enhancement of the livelihood of the local population, 4) Raising the awareness for the conservation of biodiversity with sustainable management of the pastures and development of ecotourism/agrotourism.  

Dates: May 2018 – September 2019

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